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Shem: Et le tour était joué

Do you often think of textures when trying to describe a fragrance? Velvety, silky, soft, harsh, smooth are adjectives I tend to use while contemplating the effects a scent has on my emotions and memories. Well, here’s a new one: waxy.

I first met with Shem on a cold, snowy day in February during a trip to Istanbul. A few sprays from a worn-out sample “et le tour était joué”. I felt like those few drops were enough to melt half the city. More than the texture, I also had this burning sensation. A feeling of incandescence and melting wax through a scent was something new to me. The leathery and ambery facets are quite distinct without necessarily being easy to pick up or distinguish. Those of you who have been reading me for a while know my love for Cypriol. It occupies a central place here, giving Shem its aromatic backbone and it is intoxicating.

And I can not talk about Shem without mentioning its sillage. It is entirely out of the ordinary but totally in tune with what it’s trying to express. Like a candle you light to find your way in the dark, Shem is there to guide you, so you never get lost again. It’s worth a try for the experience alone.

Tolga Ş.