Pierre Guillaume: Entre Ciel et Mer

Nostalgia, a feeling constantly sought in perfumery, and Entre Ciel et Mer (Between Sky and Sea) by Pierre Guillaume might just be the epitome of it when it comes to “summery” scents.

A fleeting splash, a reminiscence, and a journey into summer

I had the opportunity to discover Pierre Guillaume’s work a few years ago in London. And after a rather peculiar and uncanny moment of stupefaction in front of the freshly sprayed bottle, I just stood there looking at my cousin, who was equally stunned by what had just happened.

This seemingly inoffensive scent is an olfactory memory of our summers spent in Izmir. It was only later that I learned that the creator was actually inspired by the Meltem, a wind that blows along the Anatolian arc between Greece and Turkey. Far from the calone-heavy, seaweedy (the best euphemism for “fishy”) scents, the perfumer had managed to create the smell of the sea mixed with hot air, clean skin, and juicy fruits. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

A real gem that reconciled me with ‘marine’ fragrances.

Tolga Ş.