Do you have a perfect fragrance for summer?

Being confined has changed our habits. Talking about the past year is the last thing I want to do, but there is a connection between what I like to wear today and the picture I had to take to describe and represent – as best I can – my state of mind.

Are perfumes social per se? Or are they exclusively “mind boosters”? If you love introspection like I do, I am sure you’ve asked yourself this question. Do I use perfume for myself? For others? What is the purpose of sublimating my own smell?

Right now, there is a wave that is opting for clean, diaphanous fragrances. Scents that soothe our minds, that help us regain our balance, that point the way to a zone of comfort. Musks, aldehydes, solar fruits, and florals. But there is also a wave of boisterous, intentionally unbalanced, animalic, and leathery scents, likely created by the resonance of our emotions in these peculiar times.

And there is a third wave that Aqua Sextius has transported to my nose. I know it’s been around for a while, but I only tried it for the first time last September. We were just saying goodbye to summer, and catching up with the last of the warm breezes. And autumn was there too, knocking vehemently on our door with its ripe colors and grim face. The turquoise color of the fragrance was really intriguing, but I wanted to know if this was the one. The one scent that would help me freeze time and encapsulate the sunny season.

This is not just an explosion of citrus, and this is absolutely not an uninspired bland “marine.” This is an extremely refreshing scent, with a delicious, edible, coconutty fig that never goes into the world of cartoonish “exotic scents” or syrupy cocktails.

Aqua Sextius is an evening stroll in the summer after lying in the sun all day. It’s the feel-good sensation you get after a nice cold shower full of heady and soapy smells. Aqua Sextius is a vibe, so much so that I couldn’t even consider taking a picture inside. It had to go out; it had to take me out.

Tolga Ş.