bandBlack metal storms are blowing intensely from France lately. Khaos-Dei is one of the original ones that are going to release its “Tell Them Lucifer Was Here” album. It would be very nice to hear this dark music under an influential depressive atmosphere of winter days with a glass of red burgundy. Fabric and Patrick revealed the secrets of this darkness for Filhakikat readers…


“L’oeil is like…the eye of God… on us.”


Hello Fabrice and Patrick, how are you lately?

P: I would say we are fine, the album is finished, the layout is in the hands of Osmose production and we await the release of the album.

Could you please give us a brief story of KHAOS-DEI for Filhakikat readers?

P: Khaos Dei was born of the encounter between Fabrice and Me. We did not expect to go so far with the group, I mean, in the production of an album and the creation of a name. Everything was done naturally. We realized that we hold “something” and we continued to work to go even further.

You did a contract with Osmose Productions. When will you release your full-length called Tell Them Lucifer Was Here?

P: If all goes well and logically, everything should be released on the first quarter 2015 on a vinyl and CD version.

How was the composition and recording process? Where did you do the mixing, mastering? Who carried out the sound engineering?

P: Really extreme. I prefer to keep the secret around it. We made this album together overnight mainly. Everything was recorded in the Fabrice’s home except the vocal parts. We did vocals in a real studio and also the mixing and mastering. The Vamacara’s owner was the main sound engineering.

F: Very good record process, we’ll do it again maybe more extreme!!!

“I am not a misanthrope at all. It is impossible to be a misanthrope while you are handing a smart phone and an optical internet connection.”


10472239_10203608024933928_1278061800_nAre you planning any live shows with the new album?

P: Yes, we hope so. Khaos Dei turned to be a live band, in the spirit of the first metal bands. We wanted our compositions to be played live.

Lyrics are in French that fit the songs quite well phonetically by giving intense and esthetic aspect. What do you tell in lyrics? Will you continue writing lyrics in French in the future? What are your influences for lyrics?

P: Thank you! French is our language; there are many things that cannot be translated better than French can. Our influences are life, our own experiences and religion.

F: And we have mutual past with Patrick who can give us a different way to see life, death and many more things with our own points!!!

There is an ongoing solitude feeling in your music that the misanthropy might be enunciated. What does misanthropy mean for you? How do you define Khaos Dei in terms of dark arts?

P: Misanthropy? Nothing from my point of view. I am not a misanthrope at all. It is impossible to be a misanthrope while you are handing a smart phone and an optical internet connection. I’ll never swallow that “misanthropy”. It is a kind of “style” that people gave to themselves.

F: Good answer from Patrick, nothing to tell more…

Now, I think I can ask about how you relate the “Jouissance” with black metal since it is a French term which you are more familiar than anyone. We live jouissance in many parts of our lives especially when we are between desire and pleasure since it is the gap between. As you know, black metal is feeding on pain, suffering, isolation, hatred and such dark/passionate thoughts. Like jouissance, it is beyond the limits that offer agony, which we can see and feel at the artists’ works. Therefore, what do you wanna say about this weird link between jouissance and black metal?

P: It is not a jouissance for me, it’s a necessity. I can’t imagine my life without music in general and black metal is the only music I can play. I learnt classical guitar when I was young, but BM is definitely my style. I don’t feel any pain, suffering or isolation nor hatred against anything. The BM is my light.

F: Music is a part of me, I cannot live without…

We haven’t seen the cover art yet. Can you give some hints about?

P: Light!

F: …and Darkness!

I would like to hear about the story behind the song called L’oeil. It is a very special song especially with its influential dark atmosphere deviating throughout the song by sharper passages and that makes me curious about its composition process and the story it is telling in the lyrics.

P: Fabrice did 80% of the instrumental work on this track, and I did lyrics. L’oeil is like…the eye of God…on us.

F: I love this dark atmosphere…. Powerful jouissance ahahah!

“Wine is my blood of all days”

Lately France is giving fresh blood with full force like Khaos Dei to black metal rather than Scandinavia where the premier black metal bands has to have turned into more progressive or rock’n roll/punk influenced music, though for sure there are exceptions. There are also many underground bands in France, which prefer to stay underground with their specific community. So how is the French black metal scene according to you these days?

P: “Bands in France which prefer to stay underground with their specific community”… this is not true. If a huge label offers them a deal they will jump on it, trust me. That doesn’t mean they are not “true”. I don’t know so many bands in France. I know some old musicians but not really into their music.

F: I don’t listen to many French black metal bands sometimes I have surprise but one of my favorite French black metal band is Christicide but they split up.


France is also known with its foremost wine reputation. Despite the fact that beer is accepted as the drink of heavy metal, for black metal, wine takes the attraction mostly. Its eclectic and spiritual side matches with black metal very well according to me. What do you think? What are your favorite regions from there?

P: We are French and I live in Bordeaux…so wine is life for me. However, we drink imported Belgium beers, Japanese whiskey. We like good things.

F: I like wine, coming from different regions of France but usually red… Wine is my blood of all days. I like rare rum from Chile and Philippines and rare whiskey.

What do you think about Turkey? Have you heard anything about metal scene in here?

P: Fabrice always tries to introduce me to new B.M. bands and as far as I can remember two bands from Turkey. I don t really know your country yet.

F: I like Moribund Oblivion and Mezarkabul. I don’t know so many bands from Turkey.

Please share your last words and wishes.

 P: My last words…I would say thank you for your interest in Khaos Dei, I am honored to answer you.

 F: Thank you for your interest in Khaos Dei and to support metal. A big Hail to the Turkish metal people.

Interview: Zeynep Çolakoğlu